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In the film Heavenly Creatures directed by Peter Jackson, various film techniques were used in order to present the main theme of imagination and fantasy. The director Peter Jackson utilized various film techniques in order to effectively convey this theme. Music was used to show the allure of a fantasies, special effects were used in order to demonstrate the value of one’s fantasy as well as the result of continual reliance on it. Whereas colour was used to show the true nature of fantasy, how it can be unnatainable and unrealistic. Music is utilized in the film in order to heavily emphasize the idea of fantasy worlds being a more “satisfying” and “better” place to be than the harsh real world. Various songs sung by the girls’ favourite tenor Mario Lanza are commonly heard throughout the film. “The Loveliest Night of the Year” by Mario Lanza is one of these songs, and it is heard in one scene where the girls are happily dancing around the town square of Borovnia. The use of Mario Lanza’s song in their fantasy world of Borovnia shows how the girls are capable of adopting elements that they find enjoyable in the real world into their fantasies. In reality, the chances of a famous tenor such as Mario Lanza singing for the two girls as they dance is miniscule, however, in their fantasies anything is possible. This shows how one’s fantasy can satisfy one’s desires, desires which in reality are near impossible to fullfil. Ultimately, making the fantasy world an alluring place of endless possibilities, limited only by one’s imagination. Another technique used in the film was special effects, it was used to illustrate how the fantasy world of the two girls could be used as an escape from a harsh reality. Special effects such as ditigal morphing were utilized in order to show how the real world morphed and bended as a result of Juliet’s imagination. Through the use of

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