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Why the Raven is Black By Heather Hubiak 2014 The outline of the trees grew black as the sun set behind them. The sky was a flush of reds and oranges, yellows, and dark blues. Sacred Meadows, sitting on a large boulder by the village spring, looked up toward the colors and watched as wispy clouds floated by. From the corner of his eye he saw a black-winged silhouette hovering in the sky. Sacred Meadows focused his vision on the figure and recognized it as a raven. Several more flew over and joined the first one in flight. Sacred Meadows stared, mesmerized by the magical way they dipped and careened in unison composing themselves in one fluid unit. Enraptured in their beauty, Sacred Meadows did not see the hunters walk past him. A hunter…show more content…
I was given this from my own grandfather, named Obsidian Raven. He was named after the little baby raven who first noticed that he was black. In honor of this tradition, I now give these feathers to you in hopes that you will keep alive the story of how ravens became black,” spoke Painted Raven with a smile. In that moment his eyes shone like a rainbow, and Sacred Meadows knew that he would continue telling the story in honor of his grandfather. “I will grandfather, and,” he reassured, “I will tell any and all that will listen to try and make the tribe see that the raven is not cursed.” “Thank you Sacred Meadows. You have given me great joy in knowing that. Now you must hurry back home, before Morning Wolf spreads more of his ignorance,” Painted Raven chuckled and hugged his grandson goodbye. As soon as Sacred Meadows left, Painted Raven closed the door and looked out the window. In the sky he saw a few ravens flying high in the sky. He watched as they flew downward and opened their wings to pull up. He closed his eyes and imagined the bird Painted Raven soaring high above the treetops once more. When he opened his eyes he looked out towards the ravens once more and saw glimpses of rainbow-colored feathers. He smiled and went to his fire to stoke once more before he went to

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