Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights

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Heithcliff is a character whom readers find repulsive and yet at the same time fascinating. His actions confuse the reader’s opinion about him. Throughout the novel Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Bronte, his character’s behavior varies due to the actions taken by himself and the people around him. In some ways, Heithcliff was proven to be fascinating. Towards the beginning of the novel in his childhood, it was noticed that he would never cry. But the only time he did cry was when Mr.Earnshaw and Catherine died. This action shows the compassionate and loving side of Heithcliff. Another action during his childhood took place when he saved Haerton from dying. Above all things he hated, Hindley was hated most. By saving Haerton, it shows how he doesn’t treat him the way he would to Hindley. Another action takes place over a long period of time. After hearing the marriage of Catherine and Edgar, Heithcliff departed. He shows much dedication when he comes back rich, handsome, and all the qualities Edgar has and more. Another action is taken right before the death of Catherine. Heithcliff visits Catherine, not caring about the consequences of his arrival at Thrushcross Grange. Although he was extremely furious with her, he still came to her when she was in need. She is the only person who can provoke him into showing his emotional reaction of crying. This emotion is the best action to prove how fascinating he can be. Heithcliff can also be proven to be repulsive, but in many more ways than he is proven to be fascinating. Mainly, he uses people to get what he desires. And he will do anything to achieve it; showing his determination. The only reason he marries Isabella is for her social position. His goal was for her to die, so her death would lead him to Edgar. With that, he could eventually obtain Thrushcross Grange. Besides using Isabella, he also tried to kill

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