Heath and Social Care Btec Unit 1 Essay

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Academic Literacy within Health and Social Care Introduction Format and style are used in many ways to present contemporary debates within the health and social care profession. The format and style of writing in debates can vary, to be aimed at different audiences and to present different debates. Within this report I will compare and contrast two articles which are both about my chosen topic; obesity. I will assess the validity of and the influences within each article and see how they affect and contribute to debate within health and social care. The way format and style are used will have an impact upon this. Format, style, audience and purpose I have gathered two articles about obesity. The first is from the NHS choices website http://www.nhs.uk/news/2012/04april/Pages/vlcd-weight-loss-diets-hormone-regain.aspx. It was published on 24th of April 2012 and I accessed it on 2nd of May 2012. The article is about a study which was carried out in Australia, analysing the change in obese peoples’ hormone levels, brought about through dieting, to see if they can affect long term weight loss. The format of this article is professional; the layout is that of a report and includes both headings and subheadings which break down sections and makes it easier for the audience to read. For example a subheading reading, "what were the basic results?" followed by a subheading of, "how did the researchers interpret the results?" shows that the subheadings follow on from each other, making the article more fluent. This allows the reader to focus on chosen sections of the article, giving quick access to chosen information. The article is an informative and journalistic text informing the reader about findings from the study. It is informative as everything is clearly explained and limitations are noted giving the reader both pros and cons; for example,

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