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March 11/2013 Industrial hygiene assignment two By Antonio Cruz Student# 822 682 811 Attention: Brian Delaney Heat Stress Exposure Limits Purpose of this report: For many people, summertime means warm, comfortable days, perfect for eating outside or long walks during breaks from air-conditioned offices. But for some of us, summertime means special projects working outside in the direct sunlight or renovating buildings with no cooling systems, working in hot environments, e.g.(bakeries, dry cleaning facilities, foundries etc). Working in hot conditions may pose special hazards to safety and health. This document provides an overview of the variety of illnesses and injuries associated with heat stress and gives guidance on how to recognize and prevent them in different national and international jurisdictions. Table of contents: Page: 1- Cover page 2- Purpose of report 3- Table of contents 4- Summary 5- Canadian federal and provincial legislation 6- Canadian federal and provincial legislation/continue 7- General principals/Canadian regulations table 8- International standards and limits 9- Comparison of criteria used in various countries 10- Heat Stress Indices 11- Heat Stress Indices/continue 12- Most common current heat stress measuring guidelines/Limitations to current heat stress index 13- Occupational/Heat Stress 14- Precautions 15- Heat stress/conclusion 16- Heat stress/conclusion/continue 17- Bibliography 18- Bibliography/continue Summary Heat stress is the net heat load on the body from the combined effect of hot environmental conditions (air temperature, radiant heat, humidity and air movement), internal body heat due to physical activity, and clothing

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