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Solar Heating What can solar energy be used for? - for heating water and air in homes and large buildings. Name the 2 basic ways for using solar energy to provide heat? - Passive Solar Heating - Active Solar Heating Which is more cheaper to set up the Active way or the Passive way of Solar Heating? - Passive way (Passive Solar Heating) Passive Solar Heating Define Passive Solar Heating? -Passive Solar Heating - is a system in a home that lets solar energy in, through the windows, and prevents heat from getting out. The Greenhouse Effect Define the Greenhouse effect? -Greenhouse Effect is the process of trapping radiant heat inside a structure. Describe the Greenhouse Effect? -Radiant energy made up of waves from the sun travels through glass -Plants and objects absorb the radiant energy- -Plants and objects emit their own radiant energy that can not go through the glass. This trapped radiant energy keeps the greenhouse warm. What is radiant energy composed of? - waves Active Solar Heating Explain Active Solar Heating? - Active Solar Heating - the system absorbes as much solar energy as possible and distributes it throughout the building. It requires another source of energy besides the sun as a backup. Give an example? In a house radiant energy is passed through glass and absorbed by a dark coloured collector plate. The absorbed energy is used to heat up water from pipes. Heat from the water is used to heat the air. Heat Pollution Define Heat Pollution? - Heat Pollution is waste heat -heat that is not used ex- an electric light bulb uses 5% of electrical energy the rest becomes waste heat. Heat Pollution in and near Cities In an electric generating station what is burned to produce electricity? -Fossil Fuel is burned Name some fossil fuel that's burned? - coal - oil - natural gas How much

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