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Q1:- Define heat and temperature. HEAT is a form of energy due to the motion of molecules in a substance and temperature difference. Heat can only be measured by specialized equipment. As heat energy is added to, or removed from a substance the molecular motion increases or decreases respectively. In S.I. system Unit of Heat is Joule. TEMPERATURE is a measurement of the average kinetic energy of the molecules in an object or system and can be measured with a thermometer or a calorimeter. It is a means of determining the internal energy contained within the system. Temperature is measured with following scales. Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin Q1:- Difference between Heat and Temperature |Heat |Temperature | |Heat is the energy in transit from one body to another due to temperature |Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of a body. | |difference. |It is the average kinetic energy of the body. | |It is the total kinetic energy of the body. |Temperature is measured using thermometer. | |It is flow from hot to cold body. |Its units are F, C and K. | |Its unit is Joule. | | Q2:- Describe various scales for the measurement of the temperature. |The Celsius scale: |[pic] [pic]

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