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HeatThe heat, The heat… It’s so extreme, It breed’s frustration and anger, With frustration and anger comes crime and bad choices followed up by victims of these choices, whether bad or good. I know because I have been there. In their shoes that is, you get so hot and bothered the tiniest things make u brake. For me it was a hot day like this. The sky was tainted orange from the sun’s rays, I was sitting in the freezer at work, at the time I worked at a petrol station. Coarse something had to of happen that day. I had been watching a man all morning pacing back and forth outside the station, he seemed very edgy and not right in the head, kept flinching at the wind and snaring at other that looked at him, after hours of doing this he made his way to the door, slowly but fast enough for me to catch him sneak in from the corner of my eye. I pretended I didn’t see him, well really I didn’t care I was sitting in a nice cold freezer licking the ice forming on the walls. Then I noticed the man having an argument on the phone, sounded as if he was meant to meet someone here, I heard him mention car so I assumed he was getting picked up. About 10 minutes later an aged black van pulled up in front of the station in such a hurry the driver didn’t even see the wall and crashed into it. A man jumped out of the van with a bike helmet on and old clothes, he smashed the window and jumped through it, the other man who was in the shop had sudden covered his head with a hat and pulled out a knife, while the guy with the helmet had a handgun under his belt and another in his hand. At the time my manager was at the counter, he seemed very chilled about the situation, he pressed a button under the counter that alarmed the closest police station and all the other petrol station’s in the area, then he calmly asked, “ Can I help you?” the man with the bike helmet

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