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Tadgh's surgery‏ Tadgh was diagnosed with a heart murmur 6 hours after birth during a routine hospital check. He was immediately taken for an ECG and CTG. The doctor believed it to be a small hole and we were told not to worry and he would be reviewed in 6 months time. Tadgh was 6 1/2 months at his review appointment and he had a repeat ECG and CTG this time the results were not as nice to hear. Tadgh was officially diagnosed with aortic stenosis. We were sent to see a specialist cardiologist at great Ormond street hospital. Once again Tadgh underwent an ECG and CTG. After these we were taken into a room to speak to the cardiologist, we were told they wanted to treat Tadgh with a balloon valvoplasty. The procedure was explained and we went away confident in our knowledge. The cardiologist informed us the procedure would take place within the next 2 months. 4 days later on a Monday I received a phone call telling me that the balloon valvoplasty would not work on Tadgh’s particular problem, it was decided Tadgh needed a valvotomy. We were then informed that this was needed urgently and surgery was scheduled for Friday 2nd October, just 4 days later. We were told to arrive at hospital on the Thursday at 11am for pre op admissions and that's when it started getting scary. Thursday arrived and I left the house with Tadgh at 6.30 am leaving husband and other children asleep. After meeting up with my mum we travelled to the hospital and found out where we were meant to be. Tadgh had another ECG and CTG as well as various blood tests and blood pressure monitoring. SURGERY DAY Tadgh was starved of all food from 6am and all water from 10am ready for surgery at 12 noon. We were taken to the ward where Tadgh was prepped for surgery and the surgeon came to discuss the procedure and the risks. At just after 12 we took Tadgh to theatre and I held him

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