Heart Of Darkness And The Cantabury Tales Essay

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Heart of Darkness and The Canterbury Tales Essay The insertion of smaller stories inside of a larger narrative is a Frame Narrative; It allows the reader to experience and understand a more in depth plot line with its settings, character, and theme. This effect is used by a great majority of authors who write novels and tales because of its ability to create a sense of sympathy, passion, and, connection with the characters in the narrative by including the smallest details of the characters experience. In the novel, "Heart of Darkness", and in story, "The Canterbury Tales", frame narrative is used as a way for the readers to understand the main characters of each novel, and feel a connection for those characters as they deal with the terrain, obstacles, and dangers through their exploration . In the novel, "The Heart of Darkness", the author presents Marlow, the primary character. The author uses a frame narrative when he states, “I had my passage on a little sea-going steamer. Her captain was a swede, and knowing me for a seaman, invited me on the bridge” (Conrad, 50). This places Marlow on a steam boat on a passage which represents the larger more in depth plot of the story. Conrad also states, “He was the only man of us who still “followed the sea.” The worst thing that could be said about him was that he did not represent his class” (Conrad, 48). This reveals Marlow’s individuality among others and what he is supposedly expected to do throughout the whole story. The frame narrative in "The Heart of Darkness", “sets the scene” for story by showing the reader a brief background story from an individual character to allow a much interesting and exciting story plot. In the, "The Canterbury Tales", the main narrative is portrayed when the author states, “Ready to start upon my pilgrimage To Canterbury, full of devout homage, There came at night fall to

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