Heart Of Darkness Essay

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The “Darkness” Within Sigmund Freud, credited with creating psychology and psychoanalytic theory, is ever present within the novel, Heart of Darkness. Throughout this novel, one sees Freud’s work in action and how it is portrayed through the actions of the characters. The “darkness” referenced frequently throughout this vivid literary work, not only shows the “evils” of the jungle, but more so the “evil” that resides dormant within man. The constant presence of society controls these urges as well as repressing them. Given the right circumstances, man is free to become the raw being that he is. The absence of these societal checks and moral abandonment create the perfect conditions for the coalescence of darkness within Mr. Kurtz. In the Jungle, there obviously there are no societal bonds that tie people to the rest of the world. Freud’s theory on “Shadow Selves” states that every person has two halves, the side that everyone around them see, and the one that is repressed within his or her self. In desolation, one can act or effectively become the person that they have repressed. Kurtz, although having mostly lost his mind, has effectively flipped his real ego, with the repressed one. Kurtz’s utilization of his alter self to do unspeakable things within the jungle is remarkable. As one small example, Kurtz had placed severed human heads on the fence posts around his house. Had society been in place, this would not have happened. The psychological effects that society has on the mind are tremendous. An older video made by Candid Camera shows just how well society plays into the psyche of a person. In the clip, you have an elevator and a few actors. What happens next is not only interesting, but also very telling as to how groups can suppress many kinds of behaviors. The actors were instructed to face the back wall of the elevator and stay that way until

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