Heart Disease Essay

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Over 61 million people all over the world have suffered from Heart Disease. Also it is the #1 of the top 10 worst killers according the American Heart Association. Every 33 seconds someone is diagnosed with heart disease, which is also known as cardiovascular disease. Every 66 seconds someone dies from cardiovascular disease. Causes, symptoms and treatments are the 3 subjects things you need to know about heart disease. Heart Disease means is a broad term used to describe a condition that affects your heart. Most of the causes are an unhealthy thing, that’s why you get diseases. One reason you get Heart Disease is because of smoking habits. The tobacco damages your heart and lungs. Also being overweight cause’s high blood pressure. This is when your heart cannot pump blood through your body. Another cause is not exercising which ties into being overweight. Eating healthy is a great way to prevent Heart Disease. Having high cholesterol is when you have too much fat in your body, causing your blood vessels to clog up. But these are not the only 3 subjects you need to know about Heart Disease. Symptoms are another one of the 3 subjects you need to know about Heart Disease. Symptoms mean how you know you have a type of sickness. For example: like a cough, a sneeze or a stomach ache. A Factor is that your arteries harden and your blood cannot flow through your body. High blood pressure can cause you to get dizzy and pass out! You can also pass out when blood does not flow to your head and you can have a stroke. Strokes, dizziness, high blood pressure are all associated with Heart Disease. But the good thing is that, most of all diseases have treatments to them. Treatments are a huge miracle! There is no real treatment for Heart Disease, but you can try to prevent it by doing certain things. For example exercising, so you won’t become obese. As well as not

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