The Heart Of Darkness-Colonialism

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TO WHAT EXTEND SO YOU THINK THAT CONRAD IN THE “HEART OF DARKNESS” IS VICTIM OF THE VERY COLONIALIST ATTITUDES HE CONDEMNS? The description of the heart of the darkness is easy to see like an attack of the colonialism and the brutal form that the colonialism took the Belgian Congo. From this point of view we must consider the book and you will be led to the details which represent the abuse of the Africans, the insatiability of the so-called "pilgrims”, and so on. The Marlow’s opinion about the colonialism is completely destroyed; when Marlow actually meets Kurtz, and realizes that; far from conquering the darkness, Kurtz himself has been conquered by the darkness. From Marlow’s point of view the colonization is: "Robbery with violence, aggravated murder on a great scale, and men going at it blind - as it is very proper for those who tackle darkness." Conrad's critique of European colonialism is most apparent through the oppositions of light and darkness, also with the good and evil in characters developing the theme of Conrad of the "darkness" in an activity said to "bring light" to a culture with lack of these elements. The European colonialists are portrayed as blind light bearers, people who come up to the progress and culture, but are blind of their actions. They think they are brining a light to darkness, although they are the real darkness or evil. The story shows the Marlow's struggles illustrating the historical period of colonialism in Africa. Marlow, like other Europeans start to believe in certain things about colonialism, but his views change as he experiences the effects of colonialism first hand. As a mention before Marlow has a negative view of colonialism, which is shaped through his experiences and also from his relation to Kurtz. Marlow's understanding of Kurtz's experiences show him the effects colonialism can have on a man's soul. The
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