Heart Broken Essay

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Who Was It With? Jessie When Did You Realize It was Love? When we kissed in the rain and he looked at me and said "Will you be mine?" What Did It Feel Like? I thought everything and anything was possible. He made me the happiest girl. I felt like someone really loved me and wanted to be with me and just be able to hold me and call me his. He made my heart hurt so bad because whenever I saw him, I got nervous. He is amazing. What Happened Next? June 26th of 2010. Me and Jessie were at our friends house. Jessie knew I liked him a lot and had since 7th grade. All of us were at our friend Kate's house. We were watching movies. It was the beginning of summer and I really wanted something to happen to me and him. So when everyone went to the bathroom or to get food, I grabbed him and told him how I felt. He looked at me confused, then sat back down. I was so embarrassed I ran out of the basement and into the backyard. It was raining. Not hard, but not light. I just stood there. I was so embarrassed. Then I heard someone else come outside. I just stood there looking at the sky. Jessie grabbed my shoulders and turned me around, but I hid my face into my hoodie. He put his hand on my face and said, "Can I talk to you?" and I felt my stomach drop. I said yes and he sat me on the porch. He said "Sam, calm down. Everyone knows you like me. I know you like me. I just didn't know that much." I got up and walked out the gate to go home(I lived 3 blocks away). And he grabbed me turned me and kissed me. It felt like the

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