Heart About Animals

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Grace Cueva Mr.King ERWC October 29, 2014 Los Angeles Times 551 Burning Tree Rd. Fullerton, CA Dear Editor, Jeremy Rifkin declared in his article,” A Change of Heart About Animals” Los Angeles Times, September 1, 2003 that animals are capable of emotions just like any human being is, and is requesting that all people treat animals with a sense of empathy to animals just like you would to any other human being. His ideas are a bit too farfetched and absurd and if you really examine the idea itself it is really badly supported. This stems from the fact that one of the topics that differentiate human beings from animals is their ability to feel regarding the lives of creatures outside of their own kind. Rifkin tries to persuade us by telling us that animals understand and experience the whole idea of mortality by using observation for example,”Elephants will often stand next to their kin for days, occasionally touching their bodies with their trunks.”(Rifkin, 11) I think that just because animals can feel grief does not mean that we should treat them how we treat other humans. Not all animals have been tested to prove this theory that all animals have feelings. There would have to be a lot…show more content…
Animals are meant to be eaten not mistreated, just eaten. People have overblown this whole animal injustice thing. We are supposed to eat meant to be healthy. That is just how it was meant to be. We humans eat animals for fuel. While it is very much like humankind to feel for the other creatures around, we should not be confused as to which of human or animal requires our attention or empathy more. There are still people in this world who are not treated like human beings; I think we should put our efforts into getting equality for all of humankind not
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