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Draft Heaney conveys the relationship between himself and the woman as cautious and that they’re not willing to show their love for each other. This is seen in the quote ‘Not to publish feeling and regret it all too late’ This shows us that they don’t want to release their feelings to each other for the world to see, like when you ‘publish’ a book. This also links to ‘had taught us both to wait’ this shows us that there is a semantic field of writing throughout the poem. Thus it would seem that they are not willing to show each other their feelings and love too soon, like in previous relationships. Heaney shows us that their relationship is old-fashioned and casual. This is seen in the quote ‘Her scarf á la Bardot, in suede flats for the walk’ this shows us that the date is casual, at the time Brigette Bardot was a famous model from a few years before, linking back to when they were both young and less cautious in love. ‘Suede flats’ are a relaxed footwear and not something you would wear to impress someone, this suggests that they’re comfortable around each other and that their relationship is casual not forced or important. Also, it could mean that she is not trying to impress him because she is not ready to commit again. Therefore it would seem that the date is casual and neither are willing to commit. Heaney presents the over-commitment of the two lovers in their childhood. This can be seen in the quote ‘Mushroom loves already, had puffed and burst in hate’ this shows us that they had previously loved too early, trying again with new people. The word ‘Mushroom’ is effective because it shows us that their love has a short life span as well as a mushroom looks like an atomic bomb which suggests that their love is dangerous. Heaney chooses to end the 4th stanza on ‘hate’ to show that they’re love is full of hate. Therefore, it would seem that their love is

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