Healthy Way to Lose Weight Essay

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Healthy way to lose weight Mike Tiideberg SCI/220 Due date January/28/2013 Jennifer Kraus Healthy way to lose weight The healthiest way to lose weight is to decrease caloric intake and increase calorie use. Diet and exercise is the healthiest way. When we eat more calories than we use, our body stores this excess energy as fat. In times of need our body can reverse this process and burn fat for energy. Our bodies tend to like gradual changes not abrupt ones. A gradual increase in activity is recommended. There are many easy ways to increase activity. 20 minute walks in the evening, stairs instead of elevator, team sports, join a gym and exercise during commercials while watching TV. It is easy to park farther away and walk when going to the store or mall. Every extra step will help increase activity. While decreasing your intake caution must be taken. It is common to attempt to try some diet fad that is on the news. The most effective will always be to just make some (no need to drastically change your diet completely) healthier choices and calculate a decreased calorie intake no lower than 1500 calories. Anymore and you could be actually damaging your body. You will be increasing activity your body will need nutrients to repair and build muscle tissue. If you decreased to less than 1500 calories your body may not be able to repair and build muscle tissue properly and could damage your muscles and even cause kidney problems due to increases in lactic

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