Healthy Social Care Essay

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Unit 4222-203 Introduction to equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s sittings (SHC 23) Outcome1 Understand the importance of equality and inclusion 1- Relevant to some research and experience I have manage to explain some important keys of taking care of others as a care: Diversity in our vocation, is to believe everybody has their own personality, no matter their sex (women or men). By Equality we are expected to treat our patient equally, including respect as we all have the same right as human. Inclusion this demand us care to involve out patient to do what their like doing, support them on their choice of life. And not to forget discrimination which is negative judgment against others in different way such as unfair behaviors and injustice. But has a negative effect on people in our society. 2-Discrimination may be deliberately when the person we taking care of is neglected or abuse. 3-The way to challenge discrimination in a way that encourages change is to give to person same treatment and providing with the same, and equal opportunity of education, social care; not to forget about the inclusion by giving them (the patient) the ability to make their own decision and choice to reduce the risk of them being discriminate against others Outcome2: Be able to work in an inclusion way 2-1 I believe in every workplace, they are policy in the agreement proclaim the right and equality of human right according to the act in 2010 Law which is related to the legislation and codes of practice. 2-2 I was supporting a client in the morning shift when i have to prepare her to have her hair cut, as the hair dresser only once a week, but the client did not want to cooperate with us as we wanted to change her today uniform. We have to let her in the bed as she wishes for not to go against what she want.
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