Healthy School Lunch Proposal

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TO: Boyertown Area School District FROM: DATE: April 12, 2009 RE: A Proposal to bring more health-conscious meal choices to each schools menu PURPOSE We Propose a cost-effective solution to a nation-wide problem at the school age level of Unhealthy Lunch choices. There has been an increase in: Child-hood obesity, mal nutricion, heart disease, and diabetes. We would like to propose a healthy food and beverage service to your school district. We would not only provide for your students but also your valued teachers as well. Our facility is prepared to work with your establishment to create the most healthful lunches for your faculty and students. We are adequately equipped in finding the best prices for the best food items because of our extensive research and relationships with vendors. To solve the health problems associated with unhealthy lunch choices, we recommend that you approve the purchasing and distribution, within the next month, of our approved healthy lunch plans and menus. Having this program in your school district will ensure that students and faculty are received al recommended daily food groups and vitamins and will in the end promote life long healthy eating habits. THE PROBLEM In the past decade, school provided lunches have been a serious reason for unhealthy eating habits of children. School Lunches contain about the same amount of fat as a happy meal at McDonalds. Along with the extremely high fat and calorie content of school provided lunches there is not enough of the daily recommended fruits and vegetables. The American Dietetic Association reports that only ten to twenty percent of American children meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation of consuming at least five fruits and vegetables per day; and children eat 1/3 of their meals at school.

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