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Everybody in the world wishes to go somewhere back in time either to a specific point to meet other people or to undo some things they regret. Although i know that traveling back in time is not possible but i would choose the time where profits and messengers lived not taking into consideration to what religion i belong, for several reasons I would travel back to that point because of the social awareness that had taken place back then. First of all profits back then raised awareness of people preventing anyone from doing things that don’t abide by god's rules, second of all profits back then showed people the consequences of not abiding by gods rules which brought fear in the hearts of those who thought that they would get away. Finally the awareness of people brought order and discipline to the society preventing conflicts between people. Aside of social awareness we come to health. Health is my second reason for traveling to that specific point. First in the past technology didn’t exist which means the inexistence of pollution and its effects in addition, to the disease that pollution produces. Second people back then did not suffer from sedentary life where everybody sits on TV wasting precious moments of their lives, instead they would do jobs and work that would serve good to their families and themselves. Finally people had a longer life span because there were no worries back then except that of wars yes, maybe war is a great worry but we suffer from it currently in addition to other life shortening worries which could lead to suicide, murder, robbery…etc. My last reason is that religion was not a problem back then. First of all religion back then didn’t exist, people lived in tribes each has its own name rarely having some tribal conflicts because of difference in opinions. Second people of those different tribes sometimes lived together not taking into

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