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Trident Splash Strawberry Lime is the new line of gum because it is not just a breath suppressant but also incorporates fruit flavors while remaining sugarless. An ad for Trident Splash, in the magazine called Health, attempts to attract a female audience that is conscious about what they eat. The Trident Gum ad is effective towards attracting women, young and old, who are health-conscious because of its placement in the healthy eating section in Health magazine. The targeted audience for this ad is allured by the representation of a healthy woman who shows confidence in her actions, and has a little Pomeranian dog. The model shows off her femininity by wearing pink, while being tough by fighting the urge to eat unhealthy snacks in the kitchen. However, the colors in the model’s clothing and the product are vibrant in contrast to the faded colors of the kitchen background. Furthermore, the sales pitch is directed to the idea of enjoying what you eat without feeling the complete guilt of a snack. The target audience Trident Splash is trying to reach out to are women who are health conscious. This demographic of women as selected because the main goal of marketing “is to package individuals, or groups of people, in ways that make them useful targets for the advertisers of certain products through certain types of media” (Turow 99). This is shown by the contents of Health magazine where there are articles that are for women of all age groups who care about their health. Some of the articles are: “Tips on How To Have Amazing Skin at Any Age,” “Fighting Breast Cancer,” “Finding Fast Food That Will Not Make You Fat,” “Controlling Food Cravings,” and “Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Healthy Body Rules.” Pictures in most of the ads and articles consist of women of a non-adolescent age group, usually working out, cooking, not scarily skinny and basically trying to remain healthy.

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