Healthy Food vs Fast Food

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Healthy food vs. Fast food Many years ago, people ate food that do not contains, preservatives; moreover, people used to spend a lot of time cooking their own food. Therefore those people did not have problems by the food that they ate, because all the food that they ate was natural and healthy. However, nowadays many people, particularly young people prefer to eat fast food such as hamburger, pizza or fried chicken. As we can see there are two kind of food: healthy food and fast food. One way to decide between fast food and healthy food is to compare them on important points. Both Fast food and Healthy food are delicious. As we know, we have a large variety in foods, for example you can imagine a hamburger or salad fruits both are delicious. While fast food and healthy food can both are appealing, the healthiest way to eat is by preparing our own food. It is important to mention that in spite of the only one similarity about this topic; we can find differences through three perspectives: cost convenience and health. Although fast food is cheaper, you can save more money if you eat healthy food. Many parents feel that they can save money when they eat super sized trios of pizza; they believe that an S/.20 of pizza to feed four people may seem like a bargain. However, when you consider the fact that fast food is addictive and unhealthy, suddenly the money that you have saved turns into millions of soles, because many people spend a lot of money as result of many diseases produced by eating fast food. The truth is that eating healthy food is cheaper. Fast food is more convenient than healthy food. Many people in our country work log hours for that reason, they do not have time to find ingredients or prepare good food, so fast food is good alternative because fast food is quicker to prepare or purchase than healthy food. So that you can save time depending on the

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