Healthy Food or Proportion Control Essay

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In today’s fast paced society the decision of what and where to eat is typically made in seconds by choosing which drive-thru to visit instead of what to add to this week’s grocery list. This being said it is easy to see that we as individuals are programing ourselves for various health risks by choosing foods that are easily accessible, and therefore usually higher in preservatives and fat content. However, I think that in recent weeks McDonald’s has put a great foot forward in order to instill better eating habits in our children. I enjoyed the portion of this article where you described McDonald’s new “Happy Meal” aims at teaching our children that smaller portions as well healthier food choices give our bodies more of their needed nutrition and vitamins. However, I think that comparing the “Happy Meal” to the Subway kids’ meal was very inclusive. These two are completely different food types, and don’t offer any of the same food choices on their menus. Subway offers a kids meal that contains a sandwich, apples, and a choice of low-fat milk or apple juice. This meal does not offer a single fried product, nor does it offer a carbonated beverage. This being said I would think that these two choices should not be compared side by side in order to discourage or encourage parents to purchase fast food for their children. I think that regardless of food choice one should pay great attention to portion control when eating. This is a huge factor for obesity, especially in young children. I believe that McDonald’s has done a great job in re-directing our children’s attention to eating smaller portions of food, as well as incorporating different food

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