Healthy Food and Junk Food Essay

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The two types food Food is the most necessary materials that provides energy to human body and brain. In addition, it also assists the repairing and build the cells for the body. According to the human eating behavior, food can be classified into the two types: fast food and healthy food. Both healthy food and fast food are so delicious and appealing to everyone. Inspite of those two similarities, there are three big differences between fast food and healthy food such as convenience, nutrition ingredients, and health. In the first difference, fast food is more convenient than healthy food. Today, most people, especially young people are busy with their business; additionally, spending time for cooking is not stimulating to them. For healthy food, people have to take more than one hour to shop around market and find some fresh ingredients. Then it takes them one to two hours for preparing a delicious meal. Unlike healthy food, fast food can be served in just a few minutes. Whenever people feel hungry, they just come to fast food restaurants and order what food they want to eat; afterwards, their food is ready to eat in fastest time.Therefore, fast food becomes the trend of food that many people love to take for daily meals. Secondly, healthy food is made up mostly by vegetables, bean, eggs, meat proteins and fruits. All the ingredients are really fresh and natural, so that healthy food contains the daily energy with a lot of protein and vitamins. In contrast, fast food has poor nutrition ingredients with high fat and carbohydrate. Moreover, the percentages of cholesterol and sugar served in fast food is higher than in healthy food. Also fast food has preservatives, chemical, artificial color and

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