Healthy Enviroment Essay

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One of the many commodities that today's world provides is a faster way of having food on the table. Many military families have two working parents and very little time to spare. Educating busy families about how they can prevent the development of diseases in young children is very important in today's modern world. Creating a better, safer, and healthier environment in the community can help kids to have a better future. A support group in JBLM, Washington that deals with raising kids as healthy as possible would be beneficial because it can prevent kids from developing diseases, keep them in shape and it teach them how to eat healthy at an early stage in life Health is based on genetics, diet, exercise, emotional well-being and environment. The goal is to improve children’s nutrition and well ness with the intention of ending and reducing obesity and common health conditions and diseases. Providing access to healthier choices and aiming to reach their full potential will provide kids with a better future. Making kids familiarize with the strength of a healthy body will assure good decision making skills in our children. Maintaining an active body will help physically, mentally, socially, and educationally. Providing kids with a necessary guide of a healthy lifestyle would make able for them to make a connection between our environment and our health. Making it easy to identify and reduce the risk of common health conditions and diseases. “In a world of processed food and lean budgets, it can be difficult to make the right choices when it comes to food” ( Teaching them the importance of organic and non GMO food, and a balanced diet will encourage healthy habits. Healthy Kids will research the most common diseases and health conditions to have a vast knowledge of how can they be prevented or reduced. Books like Healthy Kids, Healthy World by

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