Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Table results as of 11/28/2010 Pyramid Categories Percent Recommendation Milk 0% Meat and Beans 109% Vegetables 14% Fruits 25% Grains 70% Table results from the beginning Milk 80% Meat and Beans 42% Vegetables 34% Fruits 0% Grains 64% There has been a significant change in my eating habits since the beginning of tracking my daily food consumption. In the beginning I ate a lot of fast foods and pre packaged meals, now I am cooking a lot more and seeing a change in my energy levels. Lets retrace my steps so I can appropriately see the overall differences and what other measures need to be incorporated in my daily meal plan. For breakfast I tend to have two breakfast bars that are 90 calories apiece. Some days I may have a blueberry bagel with reduced fat cream cheese or a whole grapefruit that is sliced with one packet of sweet and low sugar. I drink grapefruit juice and lots of water and occasionally have a Canada Dry ginger ale. In the beginning I would not eat until lunch and now I have to eat something by 11:00am or 11:30am and this is a direct result of eating breakfast (speeding up the metabolism). For lunch it varies day by day because I am such a picky eater. I may have a Healthy Choice meal like (Honey Roasted Chicken Breast and Green Beans). Or I may decided to have grilled Salmon with asparagus. While other days I crave for a grilled chicken salad with French dressing. For a snack I may eat baked Lays barbeque chips or eat a fruit cup. I like fresh fruit but the fact that some fruit cups are cut up in light syrup they seem to be softer and easier to chew. Even if I purchase ripe fruit it is mushy and that ruins me from wanting to eat the fresh fruits. For dinner I typically cook all types of dishes. For the last few weeks I have baked chicken and eaten a lot of rice with cheesy

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