Healthy Eating And Fad Diets

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The Difference Between Healthy Eating and Fad Diets Abstract Healthy eating and fad diets are not comparable in any way. Fad diets are a quick fix to a long term solution. Healthy eating is the best solution to saving your life and keeping you at an ideal weight. Many people think that a diet is the way to go because most people are lazy and want instant results that they will not keep up with in the future. Some people do it to lose weight for a special occasion, because the doctor said so, or to show off for a long time friend. But what the fad diet inventors does not tell people is that the weight loss is temporary; it’s only for the moment. The difference in the two should change everyone’s minds about a quick fix. The Difference Between Healthy Eating and Fad Diets Diets could consist of low carb diets like Adkins and South Beach, which are very quick fixes. Most people could lose 10 to 25 pounds in a month. Not only did they lose the weight but their cholesterol is very high. None of the side effects are told to people in these two diets because the inventors want to sell their products for the desperate people and make money. Other diets like cabbage diet, liquid diets, and soup diets are some of the other ones that help people to lose weight very fast but they get constipated and may become dizzy, which some people may even pass out from the lack of nutrients. When people go back to their normal eating habit they will gain twice as much weight as they lost in the beginning and may develop other health issues than they had before starting the diets. Then there are diets that are prescribed by the doctor which include pills which causes people to have to make monthly visits that can cost them a fortune by the time they have reached their weight loss goal. Jenny Craig, La Weight Loss, and Nutrisystem are very good ideas when it comes to dieting

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