Healthy Eating Essay

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Motivation and the PSY/355 September 29, 2014 Jeremy Christensen Motivation and the Brain Brain Structures and Functions included with Motivation According to Deckers, 2010 there is several structure of the brain that persuade the start and continuation of the motivation which engages in eating healthy. There is some factors that includes human food consumptions such as satisfying strengthening of serotonin and endorphins activity which produces wisdom of completeness and good fortune after eating a full meal (Placidi et al, 2004). Sometimes there is various difficulties in maintaining changes in the diet that can deny some reinforcing experiences. In the following paper, I will explain the brain structures that is involved in motivation and also some factors that is associated with healthy eating such as intrinsic and extrinsic. Brain Structures involved in Motivation to Healthy Eating The limbic system has four major structures that includes the limbic cortex, the amygdala, the hippocampus and the septal area. The limbic system structures are key factors forming new memories and the regulation of emotions that may play a factor in an individual motivation for eating healthier (Wickens, 2005). The limbic system is associated towards the compensation and inspiration, which is also required feature in providing a fresh diet and emotional intelligence of incentive in its triumphs. According to Adcock et al. (2006) has found that the reward strengthened motivation and can also help new memory formation when the dopamine is released within the hippocampus. In the 1940’s, there was studies that was conducted by Albert Hetherington and Stephen Ranson in which it suggested the role of the hypothalamus in relation to the food intake regulation. Although the studies said that the hypothalamus did indeed play an important role some believed it to be a myth but

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