Healthy Eating Essay

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Today all we hear about in the media is that more people are becoming overweight. This is not only a problem in adults; more children these days are also becoming overweight. Someone might ask themselves why this is happening. Part of the reason is not eating healthy. Some people do not know the right foods to eat, which is leading to poor diets, and more people becoming overweight. More people are not establishing proper diets because they do not know what food are good for them and how much of each to eat. By knowing what and what not to eat can help a person establish a proper diet. The recommended amount of milk, yogurt or cheese that should be consumed in a day is two to three servings. Two to three servings of fish, meat, poultry, dry beans, or eggs is the recommended amount that should be consumed in one day as well. A person should also eat as well three to five servings of vegetables as well as two to four servings of fruits. A person should also add six to 11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, or pasta as well. By following the recommended servings to consume each day, that would be establishing a proper diet. (The Food Guide Pyramid) Another way to ensure someone is establishing a proper diet he or she would need to count their daily intake of calories. The calorie intake for each person differs. The way someone would find out how many calories they should consume in a day he or she would need to use a calorie calculator. According to (2009) Web site no one should consume less than 1200 calories a day unless he or she are medically supervised. Once he or she knows how many calories they are able to consume in a day, he or she can star keeping track of their calories intake. Some people might think this is a lot of work to keep track of calories. A fun way to keep track on the web is to go to All the person has to

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