Healthy Diet Essay

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Being Healthy Diet Healthy diet means maintaining balance of nutrition diet and engaging with activates fitness or exercise. If we keep only diet with nutrition, it may not work well with healthy diet. It should work together to ensure a healthy body, be in good shape and away from illness and many diseases. According to people today, the majority of people have not time to exercise and do some activity. And lack of time makes people order fast food, because it easy. That is all junk foods can accumulate fat and more calories. Thurs, this type of food cause people gain weight and become obesity. That is why we have to keep diet and exercise together. Moreover some group of people should to be starving for diet, but that is wrong way, because they would lose some weight but in the mean time they will lose muscle and vitamins. The right thing, they should eat more protein, fruits and vegetable which contain a lot of vitamins and mineral. Also keep maintaining exercise and activity along with diet. In fact, People should keep exercise at least three times per week and minimum 30 minutes each time. We should drink water as much as we can and eat fruits and vegetable for snack instead of potatoes chips or candies bar. Important thing is do not eating while watching television, because it will makes you forget how much that you feed yourself and you will become fat very soon. Parents and school must provide knowledge to children about healthy diet, so they will be healthy and know how to should healthy food. In my daily, I do not have time too much to exercise but I like to walk and go to fitness twice a week or sometime I go to jogging in the park and around the neighborhood. Moreover I cook and prepare my lunch than order the food from restaurant. I like to drink the fresh fruit juice especially carrot juice. I still keep watching my weight and careful about my

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