Healthy Choices Essay

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Healthy Choices What’s for supper? A simple questions that can lead to a spontaneous decision to either pick up the phone and order out, or you go to your freezer to see what quick meal you can throw into the oven. Like most Americans, an average family with school age kids are busy with work, school, sports, and out of school activities, along with parents going to the gym or other activities that adults may be involved in. In this busy environment that we have no one else to blame but ourselves, one may think how am I suppose to make a nutritious meal when all I want to do is sit down for a minute because I am exhausted? No need to fear, the food marketing industry has heard our call and they are here to save the day! Or so we though. The food market industry focuses a lot on those who want to eat healthy, but often the questions arises how healthy the industrial processed food is. Processed foods can be cheap and convenient for families on the go that believe they are receiving healthy products, however, many of them have been modified, has added salt, and consuming these foods are making us sick and obese. We consume foods for many reasons, but the basic, most logical is for the nutritional value food gives our bodies to produce as energy. Many of the foods that we consume every day are considered to be processed or “frankenfoods” that has some type of modification made to it. In “How Processed Foods Are Killing You One Bite at a Time,” Brandon Sewall features information regarding the lack of health advantages and money saving assumptions. Sewall claims that modified process foods “wreak havoc on [our] digestive system along with our internal ecosystem”. He states that our bodies are not equipped to digest all of the processed foods that have been stripped of all their natural occurring nutrients in exchange for a longer shelf life. He also
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