Healthy Choices Essay

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Providing Healthier Food Today, more than 12% of teens and children are overweight. One cause of this is eating too much unhealthy food. They need to eat healthier food. Many of the lunch choices at schools are high in fat. We should offer children who eat school lunches healthier choices of food. Many kids are overweight or obese. They are eating too much unhealthy food. One study shows that only 20% of school lunches stayed within the required fat per serving set by the USDA. If we provide healthier lunch choices kids will be more likely to be healthy. Some children cannot afford healthy food. Children are more likely to eat school lunches if they are eligible for reduced priced lunches. Children who eat school lunches consume 40-120 more calories than those who bring their lunch. Healthier lunch choices will supply kids with the proper nutrition that they need. More children would eat school lunches if they were healthier. Some teens, especially girls, are worried about their weight. Many of these teens do not eat school lunches because the food is not healthy. If we have healthier lunch choices teens can feel good about what they eat. Children are becoming too fat. Obese individuals are more likely to suffer from heart problems. We need to protect our children from becoming obese because they are our future. That’s why I’m asking for schools to provide healthier lunch choices. Young people will be less to become obese if they eat a balanced diet. We can help our children live a better lifestyle but only if we

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