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Healthy Eating and Diabetes Amanda Moore Com150 University of Phoenix: Axia Unhealthy eating is a large contributor to a many health issues and diseases. Diabetes is just one of the diseases that is in part a result from a poor nutritional plan. Diabetes for example is the sixth leading cause of death. With an estimation of it affecting approximately 23.6 million people in the United States. This is under the impression that 17.9 million are diagnosed and 5.7 million are still unknowing that they might have the disease (Statistics About Diabetes. 2010). Many complications arise from being diabetic. Although the disease itself and the complications acquired from having the disease can be controlled or at least lessened by healthy eating and a balanced exercise regime. Carbohydrates are important to anyone’s diet. Fortunately they can be found in many common foods such as bread, beans, milk and potatoes. There are two categories of carbohydrates that are distinctly different these are known as simple and complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates come in three different forms which are sugar, fibers and starches (The Nutrition Source. 2010). The foundation of any carbohydrate is a molecule that comes from the sugar category. Simple carbohydrates contain one molecule from the sugar categories. There are three sugar categories. Fructose comes from fruits, dextrose or glucose which is derived from corn or grapes, and sucrose which comes from table sugar. Complex carbohydrates contain three or more molecules from sugar categories. Many people assume that simple carbohydrates are healthy to eat although recent research has discovered that it is much more complicated then that. The digestive

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