Healthlite Yogurt/IT Essay

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Part 1 – Abstract Healthlite Yogurt Company is a food product manufacturer that has outgrown its current information system. This analysis summarizes the current information technology and business process issues facing the firm and provides a detailed framework for the implementation of a new, modern business solution. By combining the benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning system, a Customer Resource Management system, and a multi-platform Web presence, the authors suggest that the company will be successful at competing with new market entrants and increase their current market share. Part 2 – Purpose of the Project The purpose of this project is to analyze Healthlite Yogurt Company’s current information system used across its various business functions. This information will then be applied to the development of a multilevel enterprise-wide information system to better coordinate their internal communication and day-to-day transactions. The intended objective is to provide a comprehensive information technology plan for the company including the creation of uniform and precise methods of order processing and tracking, inventory maintenance, and sales and financial reporting and forecasting. This analysis and implementation proposal also includes important information related to the impact that this set of recommendations may have both from a human and business perspective. Part 3 – Background of the Topic The Company As a leading food product manufacturer of yogurt and other dairy products, Healthlite Yogurt Company has built a solid base of nationwide distribution. While their corporate headquarters are located in Danbury, Connecticut, the company also operates coast to coast production processing plants in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, and California. In addition to these facilities, Healthlite

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