Healthful Eating Essay

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In a time where people are obsessed with weight and appearance, it seems as if America is facing a tremendous crisis with obesity due to unhealthful eating. Most people today have forgotten about healthful eating due to their busy schedules and changes in lifestyle. Eating unhealthy such as fast-food can be appealing because of the wide availability and inexpensiveness but it can also be very damaging to your health. We’re in a country that seems to be obsessed with fast-food restaurants and the truth may be there are more fast food restaurants in America than there is in the entire world (at least it seems that way). By having fast-food restaurants in every corner which mainly offer unhealthy food, our country will remain in an obesity crisis for generations to come. Most of us have lost sight and meaning to healthful eating. Healthful eating is about creating and maintaining a healthy diet and it starts by educating ourselves with factual knowledge of the great benefits of healthful eating. Many people today enjoy a greater abundance and variety of food than ever before. Nevertheless, countless health and nutritional problems arise from unbalanced diets and overeating. Many people ingest too many calories and too much, cholesterol, sugar, fat, and salt and not nearly enough protective and essential nutrients. At the same time, many people’s lives have also become increasingly sedentary. These patterns all add to the consequences of unhealthy eating. Even though it may be difficult to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, eating healthy has many benefits and is an important part of developing an overall healthy way of life. There are many short and long-term benefits to healthful eating. One of the main short-term benefits of healthful eating is a higher energy level. When eating healthy, the body feels more energetic and is able to accomplish and do things it

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