Healthcare System Essay

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The Health Care System in any country has numerous issues to debate on, but when the main care providers, namely nurses leave because of minor issues. The government should be concerned. Nurses amongst other civil servants were being paid well below the poverty datum line. 1999 marked a significant change in the history of Zimbabwe, once a flourishing country in Southern Africa. The downfall of the Health Care symbolizes an economy declining. Thus being said the government has a huge responsibility of keeping nurses happy and staying in country. However, in some way we are ALL to blame for the loss of educated people in Zimbabwe. Its unfortunate that we all know someone who trained in Zimbabwe and tried to stay but the economy wasn’t able to support them. For example I have a brother and sister who have both moved away to other countries because the money is better. This particular problem can be solved at least at family level. The only feasible solution would be to have families support that healthcare provider, which doesn’t really make sense. Also at personal level how can we ask someone to live with economic hardship forever. It became obvious in the early 1990s; one could easily sustain a whole family from outside of Zimbabwe because of the difference foreign currency. That was probably the biggest push that lead the nurses to relocate. It was rumoured that a plane that came from Australia had a total of 60 nurses and other health proffesionnals on it. The local government does not escape blame and neither do the hospitals. Both of these entities had ample time to offer incentives that would be welcome to nursing professionals that would keep them in country. They offered subsidized housing schemes, loans for financing housing and cars. They could also have reinforced the transport sector to make it easier for nurses to go to and from work.

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