Healthcare Spending Essay

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Health Care Spending The cost of health care throughout the United States far exceeds any other nation throughout the globe. There are countless circumstances that impact the endless increase in the economic costs of health care. Intertwined within these situations are those that are quite obvious and need to be taken into consideration. They are the elderly (also known as the aging population), the vast number of unlawful migrants into the country, developments in scientific knowledge and technology, along with an increase in the need by individuals for medications. The endless increase in health care expenditure must come to a standstill before the government loses its capability of maintaining the needs of Americans for the foreseeable future. With the use of healthcare reform, resolutions must be made in order to cut back on the massive health care spending that is taking place because if resolutions to this issue do not fall into place than the excellence in quality of care will become non-existent. Level of Current National Health Care Expenditures The fast increasing program-related costs in the national financial plan are associated with healthcare. The programs with the greatest significance are Medicare and Medicaid. Expenses for these programs have increased dramatically and are expected to continue to rise if there continues to be an absence of program reforms. At this moment in time, expenditures for these programs are looked upon as “required or fixed costs” and not "national costs." Consequently, "required or fixed costs" serve to “push aside” or lose full-insight on other significant spending programs which include a number of statutory obligations of the national leadership, programs for the underprivileged and needy, along with investments pertaining to the future of the United States. Throughout the United States, the

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