Healthcare Reform Essay

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The healthcare model in the United States has been defective with spiraling costs, rising numbers of uninsured citizens, limitations on the plans of those with insurance coverage, and deficiencies of the government sponsored health plans. According to a Commonwealth Fund survey in 2004, the American people have had a more negative view of their healthcare system than their counterparts in the other industrialized nations with a third of Americans insisting on a restructuring of the system. The other industrial nations, such as Denmark, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Norway, have a national system of universal coverage, while the United States allows many to go uninsured and healthcare is reserved for those who can afford it. The history of America’s healthcare over the years has had several efforts to either expand or change the system. Beginning in the first part of the 20th century, there was discussions about bringing health care to the average American. It wasn't until the Roosevelt Administration that there was a serious push towards health insurance with President Roosevelt requesting an economic bill of rights from the Congress that included a right to adequate medical care. In the 1950's, hospital care doubled and President Truman suggested a single system national health program that would have included everyone in American society. This was the first serious attempt at universal care but defeated by the American Medical Association (AMA) and labeled by a House of Representatives subcommittee as a Communist plot. In 1965, Congress's amendment of the Social Security Act and the formation of Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law by President Johnson and the current system of federal healthcare was established. Medicare is a national health insurance program that provides a basic program of hospital insurance and aids in paying healthcare bills with a

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