Healthcare Reform Essay

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“Healthcare reform” is not anything new to the President, Congress or the United States of America. It is that one thing that continues to surface over time and temporarily holds the spotlight of urgency and priority for Americans. Providing healthcare for the American people has been an issue and has perplexed our country near a close division over the past century. Theordore Roosevelt’s used health care reform as his campaign platform in 1912; however this was at a time when Americans were concerned about their healthcare cost and looked at health care reform as a top priority. A priority that did not stand the test for reformers after running into a band wagon of opposition from physicians, businesses, insurance companies, and other special interest groups that did not want national healthcare coverage and this opposition continues today. Franklin D. Rooselvelt made a couple of attempts to provide universal healthcare to America. He had what would have been considered a perfect opportunity with the Great Depression, but healthcare coverage took a back seat to unemployment and aging Americans. He was able to get a Social Security Legislation passed in 1935, but with the fear of its opposition from the American Medical Association (AMA) he left the health care piece out of the bill. But later in his administration was another opportunity, which was the National Health Act of 1939. This act was created by a New Deal reform committee when asked by President Roosevelt for a proposal for a national health reform that could be added to the Social Security Act, however again through persistent attacks of the AMA and other special interest groups Roosevelts attempt failed. Even though The Wagner Bill, another name for the National Health Act of 1939 failed, it evolved into the Wagner -Murray-Dingell Bill, after its Congressional sponsors over the Rooselvelt’s

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