Healthcare Reform Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss what Healthcare Reform is and what things are proposed in the healthcare bill. I will also discuss the misconceptions of healthcare reform and discuss how this particular situation relates to the work I do every day. Lastly I will include my opinion about the healthcare reform related to the people in the US. Healthcare reform bill will mandate that most citizens and legal residents purchase “minimal essential coverage” for themselves and their dependents. This can be provided through an employer or purchased through a new marketplace that sells policies to people. These marketplaces are called “exchanges.” If US citizens do not purchase health insurance they could be penalized. The cost of insurance will be figured on a sliding scale for example, people who make less would have to pay smaller amounts of their income for coverage. People who make $14-29,000 a year would not be expected to pay more than 3-4% of their incomes for insurance. Those people who are 133% under the federal poverty level will have the opportunity to enroll in a newly expanded Medicaid program. In these instances their needs to be some investigation on why these people are in such a severe poverty level and these results need to be monitored. By 2014, the exchanges are to be open for business. If you already work for a large corporation those insurance plans are supposed to be grandfathered in. The exchanges will only be open for those who work for a company with less than 100 employees or for those who are buying individual coverage. Today most American people are unable to afford private healthcare plans due to expense but the exchanges are met to be cooperatives that allow these individuals to band together, for health insurance purposes, and become like their own firm. Now, the question should the government be involved in

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