Healthcare Professions Comparison

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The biggest news in healthcare today revolves around the presidents proposed Obamacare, which would regulate health insurance between social classes and provide coverage for those who cannot afford it; providing universal health care would result in an increase in the number of people seeking medical attention which directly influences job opportunities in the medical field today. With more jobs available related to the health professions there has been an increase in students interested in pursuing one of the many health career paths. The two health professions I have chosen to explore are Athletic Trainer, and a Physician (M.D). Athletic trainers are trained in preventing, recognizing, managing, and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity, whereas a Physician examines patients, obtains medical histories, orders, performs and interprets diagnostic tests, and prescribes and administers treatment for people suffering from injury or disease. The popularity of jobs as an Athletic Trainer has increased in the past ten years as more people have become interested in health careers. Athletic trainers are meant to help you avoid unnecessary medical treatment by working with your healthcare provider to get you on the mend and keep you on the move; this is especially important for athletes who don’t have the time to wait for traditional treatment. The versatility of places where the job may be applied is so expansive that job prospects are much higher than that of a Physician. An athletic trainer may find a job in professional sports or even the performing arts (for those of us without two left feet), a high school, nursing home, or even a hospital. The title of certified Athletic Trainer can either be obtained through a bachelor’s degree or by meeting requirements set by the Board of Certification, which include classes such as Risk Management and
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