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Healthcare Policy analysis process Name Professional Affiliation The healthcare plans and policies of the United States of America have been almost neglected over the past years. It is therefore that an in depth and conclusive healthcare reform has been carried out in order to assist the majority of the united states citizens who are not able to cater for their basic health care. Recently the United States government enacted the patient protection and affordable care act of 2010. It was later to make up most of what are now the healthcare reforms that are happening around the country. Following the enactment of the PPACA as it is known, the focus shifted from the public health insurance to the private health insurance market. The government would see to it that people with preexisting conditions were covered and efficient provision for prescription drugs was made. The government also extended the life of Medicare trust fund by a margin of twelve years (u.s department of health and human services, 2010). Although the bill was enacted it has its own positive and negative impacts on the stakeholders. Some of the key stakeholders encompassed in the act are as such the ordinary citizen who cannot afford the basic healthcare. Others include the government bodies like the finance and the health department for the provision of those services. The other major stake holder is the private health sector which should not be left out in the analysis of the ppaca. This act has seen some infighting amongst the congressmen but eventually it has sailed through to the presidential assent. However a journal published by the United States department of justice stated that most of the cases that were challenging the act were “unable to demonstrate any sufficient standing” united states department of justice (2011). The idea that this act was among the best policy was due to the

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