Healthcare Marketing - a Boon Essay

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Healthcare Marketing Dr. Garima Sharma HA575 – Healthcare Marketing Kaplan University Competition. It is not a just a relative term, but a cruel reality, which has affected every health care facility be it primary healthcare or a multi specialty center. Patients these days don’t rely on the doctor at the nearest healthcare facility. They are ready to go an extra mile for good services related to their health and well being. Developments in healthcare are occurring at a very fast pace. It is very important for healthcare facilities to be at power of the growing standards in order to cater to the educated population. So, you may have recent technology, you may have good specialists, but how do you generate awareness among the masses? This is where Healthcare Marketing comes in. John City Medical Group has been a pioneer cardiology center for over many decades now. There is no doubt that the trust and faith of people that it has earned can be taken away easily. But, the growth of multi-specialty practices in their secondary and tertiary service areas have affected their referrals. The John City Medical Centre needs a revamp model to be brought back into the market. The marketing department needs to identify the needs and wants of the patients and the whole community in general to chalk out a plan with a vision to bring back those referrals and steps to accomplish this vision. In my opinion, Donna Harris is right to hire a specialist in this case. The best strategy for John City Medical Centre would be : 1. To promote the cardiology department 2. To foray into other specialties * Cardiology - The Basic Lifeline John City Medical Centre has been into cardiology from many decades. They must have the best doctors and the best technology in the field. They definitely have a good reputation and have generated goodwill, which gives them an

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