Healthcare Marketing Essay

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The health care system in the United States has changed significantly over the past 80 years due to the continuous changes in the trend of diseases over the years. The health care system of any country is the result of that county’s social, political and economic history, and that of the United States is no different. Various issues have affected or determined why the health system in the United States is run the way it is and these issues will be discussed in an attempt to answer the following questions. CONTEXT EXPLAIN HOW HEALTH IS AFFECTED BY BEHAVIORS, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL STRUCTURE Behaviors, economic and social structure have affected health care significantly in the United States. In the past, there was no organized heath care structure and there were no hospitals until in 1858 when the first hospitals were built in the U.S. At the time, the main focus of health care was on controlling out break of diseases such as acute infections affecting large numbers of people at a time caused by poor housing, water and food conditions. By the 1900’s when these previous diseases had been controlled significantly, the focus of the health system now shifted towards other health issues such as situations of trauma and diseases that called for surgical interventions. These included illnesses such as pneumonia. By world war II, there had been the discovery of antibiotics which way or is a core drug for the treatment of those illnesses at the time. By the 1980’s, the fight against these illnesses were joined by the fight against chronic and mental illnesses. To be able to achieve its goals, more hospitals had to be built and health services providers such as physicians, nurses and other medical practitioners had to be trained to carry out these demanding tasks. Physicians were now trained in universities and numerous researches were carried out to find solutions to these

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