Healthcare Is Not a Human Right Essay

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Shawnee B. Vandergrift English 49 Ms. Elizabeth King 08 November 2011 Who’s Responsibility? When speaking of human rights you think natural human rights, such as freedom. But does the same thing apply to health care? In America health care is expensive and not everyone can afford it. People die every day because they can’t get the proper healthcare they need. Because of these reasons some would feel that health care is or should be a human right, but it is not. It is not a natural human right. People should be responsible for their own health, be able to work and provide for themselves not others. Health care is not a human right because people would be able to take advantage of the system, health, and where would the line be drawn? It would be hard to define the right. First, health care is not a human right because people would be able to take advantage of the system. Say healthcare was granted as a right like in the movie Sicko. That would make medicine easily accessible. If people could buy any medicine, any quantity for a low price that can cause people to abuse the privilege. For example some folks are addicted to strong pain killers that can only be prescribed by a doctor. The abusers could easily buy them or someone else would supply them for the abuser. Also in in the movie Sicko they showed a man who had a tumor and after therapy he said he still wasn’t feeling well so he got another 3 months off till he felt better and still got paid while staying home and going on vacations with his family. It sounds all great but If this was granted in America that could cause laziness because someone could easily lie and say they still aren’t feeling well and miss work. They would still be getting paid and their job will be missing out on labor and wasting money. Secondly, health care isn’t a human right because I don’t think it is right to make others

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