Healthcare Informatics Essay

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NURS 6051: Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Information Technology Initial Post: Week 1 Healthcare today is affected and relies on the advancement of technology in information science, it is the backbone of how we work today in healthcare. With the advancement of computer technology we create a better human to system communication while continuing the human to human delivery. But sometimes the risk can create problems such as shut downs, and hackers with the threat of stealing patient identities (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2012). It is stated that in the “To Err is Human” report from 1999 it mentioned that at that time thousands of patients died in hospitals as a result of medical errors that could have been prevented, and the most significant barrier was the lack of awareness as to the extent of these errors (Wakefield, 2008). I currently work in a 200 bed, somewhat inner city hospital in the CVICU which has made several improvements in patient care delivery. We have upgraded from the old handwritten flow sheet to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This upgrade has given both nursing and physicians a more fluid way to keep track of vital signs, assessments, and I & O’s, especially when a patient is transferred to another floor it can continue to keep running totals. It also supports the new rule of shared knowledge and free flow of information (Wakefield, 2008). The one barrier that the computer EMR program we use is that it does not keep a banked admission history of a patient, meaning that if a patient is admitted again that you start from scratch and this leaves room from information to get lost. Our facility, as I believe most facilities now, has changed from the professional control of care to the patient and family centered care model where the patient is in control (Wakefield, 2008). This creates an empowerment for the patient and family
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