Healthcare Industry Essay

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Healthcare Industry HCS 449 September 16, 2013 H. C. Alonge The Healthcare Industry The United States healthcare industry of one of the major markets and fast growing sector than many years ago. The healthcare industry has evolved from the first antibiotic used to treat certain illnesses to advanced medical research and electronic medical devices to assist professionals with keeping Americans healthier and to live long meaningful lives. The healthcare industry has changed dramatically in ways that create different healthcare systems, healthcare services, and programs. In this essay the author will explain: (1) how healthcare has changed in the last 10 years, (2) what will be the biggest change within those 10 years, and (3) the author’s role in the healthcare industry. Next the author will discuss adapting skills t evolve within the industry’s needs and how the author’s perception of healthcare has changed over the healthcare administration program with the significant impact. Last the author will explain the role technology will play in health care organizations in the coming decades, and the financial and economic issues that will affect the healthcare industry in the next 10 years. The Last Ten Years of Healthcare The healthcare system had changed over the last 10 years with advanced medicines, advancement in technology, and healthcare information technology. People are currently living longer, healthier, lives and, technology and advanced medical care has helped professionals improve the delivery of care and treat healthcare consumers. Technology had changed each area of the healthcare sector from how care is delivered, assessed, shared, and transferred throughout the world of healthcare. The healthcare industry and health organizations have moved from pile of protected health information to a paperless system that assists professionals and
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