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Healthcare in the Cloud Essay

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Healthcare in the Cloud
The health care industry today is an important part of our society that tries to protect and help the citizens of this country. Whether you are poor or rich the health care industry strives to overcome challenges to provide the healthcare we need. Cloud computing is the technology that is currently changing the healthcare industry. Cloud computing offers a wide range of applications that can be used to integrate how healthcare is provided, recorded and distributed. Ways the healthcare industry will use cloud computing are through new innovated patient data collecting methods, mobile healthcare and healthcare distribution through the internet. Cloud computing will also offer strong healthcare application systems for developing countries. Implementing cloud technology will increase the efficiency and productivity of the healthcare industry.
Review of literature
Cloud computing offers a few key services that will allow for the healthcare industry to become more efficient and productive. These different services will decrease costs and become more automated. “These services include; Software as a Service (Saas), data storage, sales force automation, supply chain management, hosted infrastructure and hosted services.” (Botts, Thoms, Noamani, & Horan, 2010) SaaS is the ability to provide software through cloud computing, which will decrease software costs for the user. This software is continually updated and managed. Another plus for this is that there isn’t a
commitment when using this service, because you don’t purchase the software. In cloud computing you pay as you go, so there isn’t wasted space in the cloud. Hosted infrastructure and services allows an institution to alleviate all the costs that go into system architecture and management. The institution will be allowed to audit the cloud service to insure that their data is managed and secured up to their standards. (Chen & Yoon, 2010)
Patient data collecting is a painstaking process...

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