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1. The receptionist for a physician is directed to call a patient with a reminder of an upcoming appointment. No one answers the phone, and she is directed to leave a voice message; what can be said? The same “how to do it” question comes up with mailing appointment reminders. Are these postcard reminders illegal under HIPAA law? Yes 2. To prevent patients from overhearing discussions with the doctor, must all examining rooms be soundproofed? No as long as the Dr. has the courtesy to shut the door or take the patient somewhere private. I hear noise all the time in other rooms when I go to the Dr. 3. A hospital uses protected health information (PHI) about an individual to provide health care to the individual and consults with other health care providers about the individual’s treatment. Is authorization needed? No, As long as it is another covered entity. In the process of comprehensive treatment, payment of services, and normal health care operations. 4. A psychoanalyst forwards a patient’s health care information to another health care provider for further treatment by that provider. Is authorization needed? Yes 5. A hospital sends a patient’s health care instructions to a nursing home to which the patient is being transferred. Is authorization needed? No 6. A contract computer repair person asks for the logon and password to test a computer. She has signed a business associate contract; can she have access? Yes 7. Marketing scenarios: a) An advertisement is received from a hospital informing former patients about a cardiac facility, which is not part of the hospital that can provide a baseline EKG for $39. The communication is not for the purpose of providing treatment advice. Is this considered marketing? Yes b) A hospital uses its patient list to announce the arrival of a new specialty group (e.g., orthopedic) or

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