Healthcare Database Systems Essay

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Healthcare Database Systems Stephen Smith DBM/381 December 15, 2014 Charles Shubert Healthcare Database Systems Due to recent federal legislation regarding healthcare, medical facilities, ranging from doctor’s offices to multiple hospital systems, are compelled to transition over from paper-based medical records systems to electronic record systems. This necessitates participating facilities to research and obtain appropriate electronic databases that would best suit their needs. These databases will be required to have many capabilities built in, in order for all users to have the ability to accomplish the tasks needed to fulfill their daily work duties. To understand these databases better, it will be necessary to discuss what exactly they are, what different types of database architecture are available, and how these databases are used throughout the healthcare industry. It should be clearly discerned how electronic databases are helping medical staff deliver services in a more efficient manner. Healthcare Databases Defined Electronic databases, as used in the healthcare industry, are electronically-based systems containing various forms of data and information used to develop and implement important medical decisions affecting patients of the medical facility (World Health Organization, 2008). These database systems will consist of computer terminals linked together by a network infrastructure, which are ultimately linked to 1 or more servers used for data storage, depending on the storage capacity needed for the particular medical facility or system. The data and information contained within healthcare database systems will consist of patients’ personal information, including patients’ names, addresses, phone numbers, medical conditions and history, medication information and allergies, and diagnoses and treatment plans. Other

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